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Link Sharing

Sun, Sep 06 2020
Link sharing is available to all EditBox users.

There are two kinds of links:

  1. Private links
  2. Public links

Private links are accessible to logged in users. Currently that means yourself, but in the future it may also include users who have access to your company.

Public links are accessible to anyone, regardless of whether they are EditBox users.

To show links, click on page menu and click on Share.

A Share Page window appears.

To copy private links, click on the copy icon next to private link field. The private link is copied to the clipboard. Click on Open in new tab to open the private link in a new tab.

Click on Public link is enabled to activate a public link for the selected page.

You can click on the copy icon next to the generated link to copy the public link.

Click again on Public link is enabled to deactivate this link. People who have this link will not be able to access this page ever again, even if you generate another link. The public link is generated one time. One thing bears mentioning though. Link sharing is a very powerful tool, so please use it responsibly. For example, if you want to share paid or exclusive content with your friends and family, it probably isn’t the best idea to put the generated link on social media, as it may attract the attention of the publisher and cause them to initiate a takedown notice of the shared page. I cannot help but obey the law, so again, please use this feature very responsibly. That’s it. Easy, wasn’t it?

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